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Fullmetal Alchemist “Brotherhood” Review

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood also known as FMA is a very popular anime series that has one of the best endings of all anime. FMA has two different series, the first to release was the one without “Brotherhood” after it’s name does not follow the original content of the manga. The first series is practically a kid compared to brotherhood, the reason behind this is because of it’s plot. They both have different plot despite being in the same universe with the same characters. Brotherhood is superior due to its absolutely steady pacing and character development. Also the fact that I am biased to the original manga. What makes Brotherhood stand out from the other series is it’s ending as I mentioned before. The ending is absolutely beautiful, everything has been wrapped out perfectly, and also makes you feel it was worth it to watch it through 64 episodes of content.

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Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood is about two brothers who performed alchemy in order to bring back their mother from the dead. The two failed and they had to paid the price the younger brother had his whole body taken away and his older brother lost his right arm an his left leg as a result. Out of desperation Edward the older brother performed alchemy on a suit of armor to literally tape his brother’s soul onto that suit of armor. Thus begins their search of finding a way of getting their original bodies back. In order for Edward to walk again he had to apply automail which are metal limbs that directly connects to your nerves. Due to his natural talent he quickly became a state alchemist at a very young age and earns the rank equivalent to a major. The more Edward dig into the corruption of the government the more he knew that their enemies are trying to become god by using a whole country as sacrifices.

What I loved about this series is how the story played out. How the protagonist have faced many hardships at a very young age changes the viewers attitude towards Edward. The protagonist’s desperation was also another strong factor for a good protagonist. It makes the story a whole lot more interesting to watch since there is not much characters let alone main characters that has automail arm and legs. I like the concept of having automail, because it symbolizes as a second chance in life, and a way for people to get back on their feet. This is a very meaningful symbol especially if you are disabled.

I would recommend this anime to everybody I know who have not watched it, because it covers a lot topics that many people could relate to that I do not find it hard to become addicted to the series. If you have already watched the series then you know how I must feel. Fullmetal Alchemist was one of the most memorable anime I have watched and very popular. It also covers religion and racism as well as military corruption these factors are very fascinating and it can be very relatable to the real world. I also really like the comedy in FMA because it helps with your digestion of 64 episodes. The added comedy is not overly exaggerated so it does not ruin the plot of the story. This is also one of the first best choice if you are just starting to watch anime, reason is because it gets you hooked on the first episodes on the whole concept of alchemy (a non-realistic power, but still makes sense) and equivalent exchange.  I only really wished there was more content for FMA, but having the perfect ending to one of the best anime is something not all anime get. The amount of characters used were incredibly large, but the story carried it out so well that every single character serves a meaning to the plot. Also the soundtrack is absolutely amazing, it suits the atmosphere so well.

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Fullmetal Alchemist is a anime series I will never forget and also one of the anime I’ll think about if somebody were to ask me what anime they should watch. It is absolutely a anime that covers a lot of the topics especially towards humanity, because it is related to humanity and corruption we can really related to our today’s society. To people of all ages if you have not watched Fullmetal Alchemist “Brotherhood” watch it even if you hate it just watch it.

Pokemon ROM Hacks ~James Final

Pokemon ROM hacks are created by some people in the Pokemon community and left available to any other Pokemon player who wants new experiences in their already worn out Pokemon games. Different ROMs have different gameplay some might alter the original game in its entirety and others may only make the base game harder with an option of more Pokemon.

These are pictures from my Nuzlockes of “Randomized” Pokemon ROMs, along with Pokemon ROM hacks many people use the Universal Randomizer as a tool to make the Pokemon game different and often the two are used in cohesion. The Universal Randomizer allows you to randomize nearly every aspect of the Pokemon game. The first three screenshots of Breloom and Skuntank are from my run through a randomized nuzlocke of moemon Platinum where the Pokemon models were altered to be like anime characters. The Randomized aspect comes in with either Breloom or Skuntanks moves, or even Skuntanks typing and ability. With Breloom, it doesn’t usually learn any of those moves, however in my randomized run they became a part of its learnset. For Skuntank it normally is a Poison/Dark type but in my game it was a Poison/Ice type and naturally the only Pokemon with the Wonder-Guard is Shedinja.  In the fourth screenshot that is my Randomized run of a ROM hack made by a guy by the name of Drayano in the Pokemon community tons of people have a love/hate relationship with his ROM hacks because they’re so good but they make you want to break something. My Starter was a Lugia rather than Tepig,Snivy,Oshawott and it has the ability No-Guard instead of Pressure or Multiscale and it’s moves like Thundershock and Icicle Crash. The fifth screenshot is my run of SoulSilver, like an idiot I decided to randomized move typings which only made the game more confusing because I had no idea the typing of a move I had just encountered. Energy Ball is originally a Grass type move but here it’s a Flying type move, Double-Edge used to be a Normal type move but now it’s Bug. If you’ve been wondering what a nuzlocke is let me explain, nuzlockes have specific rules to follow for when you play through a Pokemon game. It’s tradition in a nuzlocke to always nickname your Pokemon, you are only allowed the first Pokemon you encounter in each distinct area and if it faints while trying to catch it, that’s your only chance you’re not allowed to go attempt to catch anything in that route. If a Pokemon on your team faints during your run you make a “Dead” box in your PC for them and you can’t use them anymore throughout the course of the game. There are also many clauses throughout nuzlockes such as one my friend and I play under that he calls the size clause where you have to start the game with whatever the smallest of the three Pokemon options is. There is a dupes clause which states that if your first encounter is in the same evolution line as a Pokemon you already have or is a Pokemon you have than you are not forced to catch it and it does not count towards your encounter for that route. The Shiny Clause allows players to capture and use a shiny if they encounter them in the wild, this overrides the rule about one Pokemon per route for the exception if the Pokemon is shiny. Drayano’s most well known ROMs are Pokemon Omega FireRed, Pokemon Expert Emerald and his Pokemon Black and White remakes, Pokemon BlazeBlack and Pokemon VoltWhite. His black and White remakes are probably his hardest because throughout the story he made N who is part of Team Plasma but also counted as one of your rivals in your first encounter with him stronger and gradually becomes stronger to the point where he has a Lvl:105 Zekrom/Reshiram.

Final Review~~~~~Anthony Tillman 

In my last review for this blog, I will be overlooking the progression and impact that Starbucks has had on America. But first off, what is a Starbucks? Starbucks is a profoundly popular coffeehouse chain that majority of mainstream people purchase. It is especially sought after by teenaged white girls which is on a side note, apart of their basic generic make up. Starbucks was founded in Seattle, Washington in 1971. It was founded by Gordon Bowker, Jerry Baldwin, and Zev Seigl. Well wasn’t it nice of them to do this…..wrong. In my opinion they made this company for one reason and one reason alone….profit. Why else would anyone make a company, there are few examples where someone genuinely makes a product or service to solely benefit others.

Personally, aside from my economical stance about them, the company did an extraordinary job at creating a service that is able to cater to all possible taste buds. I regularly enjoy grabbing a Starbucks beverage maybe because of the flavor or even the atmosphere. It is hard for me to recall a time when I was comfortable and taken care of at these establishments. Sure yeah I know what you’re thinking, this guy loves Starbucks coffee a lot, he must be white. He might even look like this guy.

Well I mean let’s be real, all guys that go to Starbucks look like this. Hell even some of the girls do. Often in society people target Starbucks customers for the sole fact that they can afford it. Growing up in a urban and diverse city like I have, it’s taught me that people don’t always mock you for what you have but for what they don’t have. The amount of times that a colleague of mine has commented on my beverage just for it having the green iconic siren on the cup as well as my name misspelled in sharpie for the thousandth time on the side. This is a common trend among society and it’s all over a god damn cup of caffeine. What I don’t understand sometimes is why the hell does it matter. So what that transgender toaster with pink hair and gages is walking with a unicorn frapp in their hand. Let them stride to wherever they are going without you adding your opinion which literally means noting to anyone but you.

 But all jokes, stereotypes, and racist thoughts towards white, black, purple, and transgender kind alike, Starbucks is a great coffee brand. This isn’t saying other chains such as Dunkin’ Donuts is not good too, even though it isn’t, it’s just a friendly reminder that Starbucks is the best. Yeah sure, it’s expensive, might even be targeted towards middle and upper class people to gain more profits, but in the end they still sell and that is a fact you cannot ignore. This may sound like an advertisement at this point but seriously guys(and gals), this is a must buy for everyone, even if you’re not a coffee drinker, they have everything, except soda. But really are you gonna go to a coffeehouse for a soda anyways? Back on track though, if you fancy iced teas they have fresh brewed teas, fruity beverages such as the very berry hibiscus or iced drinks of all shades of the rainbow just like their frappuccinos of which mirror a rainbow at times, they have it all. This opens up a great range of possibilities to order from as well as a great range of customers for Starbucks to appeal to, maybe even you?

 One of the best things I feel that this corporation has done is they divided and conquered our nation. They have made it so you cannot go somewhere in the United States and not know what Starbucks is. This is miraculous!!!!! Or is it? Is this simply an expansion of coffee, or could it be the coffee-pocolypse…..the world may never know, and even if we do find out, it will be too late. 

Final Review ~ Nick Z

In this review I will be reviewing the current state of the game Overwatch’s Competitive scene as the start of season 5 has just begun. Some context before I start. In the massively popular game Overwatch there’s a competitive mode just like many other games, where you play 10 games at the start and get placed at a skill rating and from there either go up or down the ladder of competitive gameplay based on wins and losses. As of right now though there are many good things occurring and also many bad things. I don’t plan to go into too much depth on how the player base either supports or ruins the game but more on how the game actually plays based on which hero’s are in very comfortable spots, or are not doing so hot in the total amount of time they see gameplay, or if they are, just aren’t preforming well in comparison. Now every hero can do well I’m gonna say that right now because it depends on who is playing them and in what situation. You can have a sniping hero like Hanzo who hasn’t seen much gameplay or isn’t preferred by the community, absolutely demolish a game and win just because the person playing him knows how to play him very well and knows how to utilize his skill set the best. Or on the off hand, you can have a hero like Soldier 76 who is very popular to play right now and fits well into almost any team, be played horribly and be the driving reason as to why your team lost, all because someone who might not like playing him or isn’t good at him playing him. These kind of things change the game indefinitely but as of right now some of the heroes who aren’t doing so well are Widowmaker, Hanzo, Junkrat, Orisa, Sombra, Lucio, and Tracer. Every other hero is primarily played very often or just not touched except for very niche situations. There are of course various reasons as to why they are all not doing very well right now but with a game like this, it is hard to have every hero do well because if you make one hero too strong, other hero’s are countered and then put into the same terrible spot. Of course some heroes are getting whats called a “buff” later along the line but it’ll definitely be some time since they have to be very careful in what they change about heroes, in order to make sure they are not becoming too strong or too weak. The heroes only slightly effect how competitive feels. The way the round system works though and how the game modes work are all in a fine position that there is no reason to complain as of right now. There does though, need to be an overhaul or massive change on the leaver and troller report and resolution system they have, because there have been too many instances of people leaving or trolling in matches nowadays, as people make more alternate accounts or start playing the game at all. It has been said that they have been planning and having meetings for this, because you can ask almost any average Overwatch player and they can tell you multiple instances where they have had people leave games or not cooperate with the team in any sense what so ever. I have high hopes for Blizzard and how they plan to fix this and hopefully I can play the game without having a constant worry of someone being rude or throwing the match, because these things ruin the experience of the game overall, especially when it’s in competitive play and not in something more casual or nonchalant like quick play or arcade.

News Update~ Anthony Tillman

Recently on the Rift, there has been many new changes and reworks to multiple champions in League of Legends resulting in the need for adaptability among the players. The most recent one being as of four days ago involving jungler champions such as Kindred and her new kit will followed the Zac and Sejuani update, the most eye-popping change we have seen is that of Rek’Sai’s ultimate attack.

Once being a very tanky and cc focused jungle, she is now aimed to become an Attack Damage(AD) assassin. This is a very daring and confusing move done by the the makers of the game, RIOT, however they plan to do this by fixing her kit to stray from her old build and project their AD assassin vision by making some changes. They have executed this by overall changing her ultimate ability from being a global teleport, to being a pounce attack where she is able to leap unto any target that she has marked with one of her abilities previously for a short duration of time. This new attack is very relative to an already existing champions kit, Nidalee.

Although in a way they did rip off one of her abilities, this is for the best. As some may not realize, our junglers are becoming very tanky and we are losing the jungler damage aspect because of that. RIOT making this decision will ultimately be beneficial to all of those on the rift as a result. So yes, I say that this is a good change that we as players will have to learn to adjust to. If you or a friend don’t believe so, well good luck getting out of Bronze 5 then lol.


News Update

There has been a shootout between police officers and armed men near London Bridge this Saturday. There were 7 deaths caused by 3 armed men, but we do know their identity. Three other attackers were shot dead by eight armed officers, this took me by surprise since I did not think that having 8 armed officers killing just 3 people who is armed is efficient. That is almost twice the amount they have, true that none of the officers were hurt, but if this was a larger shootout wouldn’t it be more messy having at least twice the amount of officers than criminals? There were about 50 people who were injured and one member of the public took a gunshot and is receiving medical attention. This shootout was carried very poorly, not only 50 people were injured, but 7 people died. This is a very sorrowful day which is we question why we still kill people. The police force is very poor if it needs to outnumber the criminals by twice the amount in order to carry out their job. It is true that safety before everything else, but twice as much is just inefficient as a whole. We need to increase our police force’s efficiency in order to decrease the chance for people getting injured and dying. It is impossible to arrive at the scene of the shooting, but they need to find a way to fix the problem or else more of these events will occur. This is a very meaningful news as we get to know that there are people who are actually willing to kill and we should be careful ourselves as we progress in our daily routine.




The Breakfast Club Review

Breakfast club is a movie made in the 80’s which is about a group of students who is in detention for 1 day. Each of their personality are unique which includes a liar, nerd, criminal, and an idol. The movie itself has good comedic elements to it which are unforgettable. The movie ended with them being released from detention and going their separate ways. Judd Nelson the one who played as John Bender played the role of a high school slacker who cares nothing about this world. One part he did especially well on was when he tried use the vent to get back to the library. This was funny and interesting to watch since he did break the vent and everybody covered up for him. As the movie progressed we got to know more about John Bender and why he is the way he is. This movie touches a lot of the points of life. One example is family. Each one of them are pressured in some way by their parents. John Bender for example had horrible parents who would even use force against him. This tells parents or people becoming parents to not put much pressured on their child because it will have a opposite effect on them. Brian Ralph Johnson played by Anthony Michael Hall had a similar case, but the only difference is his parents put too much hope onto that he thinks getting a F means the end of the world. He is the nerd of the story during detention he began to change and try to do things he never thought he would have done which includes smoking and trash talking. At the beginning of the movie he would make awkward situations as he does not seems to know how to communicate with strangers. The part of the movie which everything merges together is when all of them talk about their lives and how different they all are. They all thought that everybody had it easy, but that is not the case. I also liked how John Bender tinkered with the door. This was just very funny as the principal tries to keep the door from closing. The principal himself is the antagonist and thinks that he is the king of the school. He enjoys making the students suffer as we have seen how he treats John Bender. He has a very harsh way of talking, but I think that is what the actor did well on. It had a tone where it tells the viewers this is how the real world talks and nobody will give a damn about what you think. Overall I think I liked the movie and it’s very funny. I think this is a movie that I probably won’t re watch as it is best to just remember it. I recommend people to watch this movie, but be warned it is old, but it is very good. I rate it a solid 3/5